Global Environmental Law


(Re)Making and Regulating Life and Livelihoods Across Borders: Transnational Bioeconomy, Law, and Governance

Biotechnological industry, researchers, and governments have entered a new constellation, regime, and accelerated phase, called the Bioeconomy. This agenda – which exists in the form of policy, funding programs, white papers, etc. – reimagines how we live, how we live together with other kinds of life, and, directly, reimagines these other kinds of life at […] Lire la suite


Transnational Sustainability Laws

Transnational standards related to the environmental and social sustainability of production processes are becoming commonplace governance tools in the global economy. This book demonstrates how sustainability standards serve two fundamentally different functions: coordination and regulation. Standards can coordinate like-minded businesses in an industry by demarcating common sustainability commitments to distinguish between sustainable and unsustainable sectors […] Lire la suite