Global Constitutional Law


Les standards constitutionnels mondiaux

From the worldwide spread of constitutionalism to the international framework of constituent processes, constitutional law is in full swing. The doctrine has not been mistaken in examining with the greatest attention the transformations of constitutional law in a legal world in the process of globalization. It has, however, generally addressed these transformations in terms of […] Lire la suite


Handbook on Global Constitutionalism

This Handbook introduces scholars and students to the history, philosophy and evidence of global constitutionalism. Contributors provide their insights from law, politics, international relations, philosophy and history, drawing on diverse frameworks and empirical data sets to explore the idea of a global constitutional order. Across them all, however, is a recognition that the international order […] Lire la suite


The role of Constitutions between history and law

The constitutions of the last 200 years have been the “loftiest” product of those social formations we call States. Having abandoned the universalism that had spread at the origin of modern constitutionalism, the state dimension has represented the perimeter within which to think about and then to attempt to guarantee constitutional rights. The concrete constitutional […] Lire la suite


Intimations of Global Law

A strain of law reaching beyond any bounded international or transnational remit to assert a global jurisdiction has recently acquired a new prominence. Intimations of Global Law detects this strain in structures of international law claiming a planetary scope independent of state consent, in new threads of global constitutional law, administrative law and human rights, […] Lire la suite


Constitutionalism in a Global Realm. A Sociological Approach

This book develops a sociologically informed theory of constitutionalism in the global realm, addressing both national and transnational forms of constitutional ordering. The book begins with the argument that current approaches to constitutionalism remain tied to a state-based conception of constitutions, and overlooks underlying structural transformations that trigger the emergence of constitutional forms of ordering. […] Lire la suite